[Review] Maybeline Big Eyes Mascara

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Mascara is always a need for us to complete our make up.
Our eyes will look deeper and larger by applying mascara.
Today, I'm gonna introduce the Maybeline Big Eyes Mascara.

The Maybeline Big Eyes Mascara is the first mascara with two brushes.
Which are big brush and small brush.

Product Details:
Revolutionary dual-ended Mascara for 360° all around Lash Glam
Two brushes specifically designed for top and bottom lashes
Special quick-dry formula holds lashes in place.

Big Brush:
The big brush give the big volume delivery.
It can easily push the lashes up and wide.
Not only that, it also can fan out every lashes.

 Small Brush:
Although the small brush is smaller than usual brush, but it provide mighty control.
It able to magnify tiny lashes especially for lower lashes.
Besides that, it could also be the perfector for upper lashes.

I'm happy with this product.
The shorter handle enable me to control the mascara easily without create dirt for my eye area.
It's always annoying when I apply mascara for my lower lashes and I accidentally touched my skin.
I will be so mad because it nearly spoil my makeup. Loll
But with the smaller brush, it provide natural volume for my lower lashes without touching my skin.
I'm totally satisfy with the Dual Brush and the Multi-Function of this mascara :)

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