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[Review] Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon by Natta Cosme

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Hello~~~ My bloggie and all the dearest readers~~~
Sorry for abandoned my blog for so long.
I was still busy even my exam was ended a week ago, till now only have time to update my blog T__T
Some more is during midnight.
Do you miss me? xDD
I miss you all and my freedom~~~~~

Btw, today I'm gonna review about Miss Hana Crayon Lip Balm by Natta Cosme.

I'm so excited when I received the products.
The color is so pretty and the design is just cute!!

Crayon style design for easy control when applying lip balm on your lips!
The color is just like the crayon too!
Pigmented and standout from usual lip balm color that enable you to have a great ending for your make up :)

Can you find which is the Miss Hana Crayon Lip Balm ;p

The Miss Hana Crayon Lip Balm is come with different shades and I'm gonna review the 2 easy pairing color.

Lips is always the important part to complete your make up.
It can either let your make up become boring, awful or brilliant!
 Have a look for my daily usual make up without applying any lip balm.
My whole look is dull and I looking so pale and sleepy!

Let's make a change for it by applying Miss Hana Crayon Lip Balm!!

After Applying Miss Hana Crayon Lip Balm:

This color is more on hot pink, it turn the look become more sweeter rather than boring!
The color make my whole face brighter and even out all of my skin tone!
The first sight is always important for an attractive make up.

This is more on coral color and I totally love it!!
It bring out a summer feel for your makeup and natural to mix with any types of make up!
I love coral color lips more than hot pink, because I feel the color are the combination between pink and orange! This make me feel special for this color!

- Keep your lips well moisturized
- Protect your lips from harsh and dry environment
- Rose Hip Oil ingredient smooth out the dry fine lines
- Aloe Vera Extract helps to soft and supple lips
- Vitamin E that helps to moisturize your lips

What I feel:
The lip crayon was easy to apply especially for beginner. The pigmented color is also my favorite because there quite less lip balm in the market with pigmented color and at the same time keep your lips moisturize. The price is affordable too compare with others high quality lip balm.

Lastly, here is an offer for all of my lovely readers again.
Simply key in "MHSHARP" and you are
entitled to get one Miss Hana Sharpener worth RM15.90 from your purchase.
This coupon code will be valid until October 15th, 2014


original -  RM 39.90
promotion - RM 35.00


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