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Thx to Butterfly Project Malaysia for the invitation.
I was invited to the launch of BollyWood Professional Cosmetic at Muse By Watson @Sunway Pyramid on last weekend.

What is BollyWood?
It is a professional makeup that made in New York.
It was tested in HD Studios and helps you easily create Sexy, Flawless and Alluring look!
Not only that, BollyWood Professional is the number one cosmetics brand used by top BollyWood Superstars.

The brand principal - Rani Birring
With the alluring BollyWood look was explaining to us more about BollyWood Professional cosmetics.
BollyWood Professional Cosmetics

The light weighted foundation let our skin feel like silk.
BollyWood makeup also provide Photo-Touch Foundations for the picture perfect look!
Pure pigment eye shimmers, Superwear Mascara for super long lashes, Baked powders and Blushers float onto skin. Lips are also treated and saturated with color and shine!

BollyWood Cosmetics also launched their latest Liquid Lipstick during the event!
The lipsticks come out 12 shades which aim to match the skin tones of their customers around the world!

At my point, the shades of the lipsticks is divided into three categories.
The color goes from bright to dark series.
Girls who have fair skin can go for the bright series whereas Girls who have tanned skin can go for the darker series.




I personally fall in the color of Electric Coral and Electric Pink.
I think this two colors can easily match with my daily makeup.
It was really pigmented and not dry at all.
The texture is really hydrated and no need to scare dry and cracked lips!

Thanks to FurFer's hand for demo, hahah
The texture of the lipstick is highly moisture and pigmented.
We can easily differentiate the color of each lipstick!
Plus, it also have the same function as lip gloss.
We can apply all in once!
No more different steps on our lips!

Happy me with my #ootd 

Thank you Butterfly Project Malaysia for this great event!

Butterfly Project Malaysia

BollyWood Cosmetics

Muse By Watson

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