[Review] REALASH Eyelash Enhance

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Today I'm going to have an introduction post for the world's best eyelash enhancer REALASH.

Normally, we need around 30 days for our eyelashes to grow and most of the time the mature eyelashes will fall before the new ones are fully grown.
Therefore, it provide a visually unpleasant effect.
Bring out with the innovative technology, REALASH helps your eyelashes grow stronger and faster.
Your eyelashes will definitely look longer and fuller when the density goes up.

The REALASH nutrient is come in a form of liquid eyeliner packet.
3ml nutrient that sufficient for 4-5 month therapy.

It is easy to apply with just one stroke on the skin of your eyelid and your eyelashes are nurtured!

3 Easy Steps To Have Your Own REALASH
  1. Remove make up carefully and dry your skin.
  2. Apply it gently stroking the nutrient to the upper eyelid.
  3. Smile because you have your own REALASH!

In this introduction post, I will include my eyelashes before I start this treatment.
Pictures below showing my Eyelashes length with and without mascara.

You can find out that my eyelashes are not full enough and there is not much different when I apply mascara.
I can't wait for the result after one month for this treatment!
I really need longer and fuller eyelashes!

Let's stay tuned for my eyelashes after one month!
I will blog about it too :D

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