[Event] Kracie x The Butterfly Project

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Hello lovely butterfliessss~~~~
Sorry for less update recently.
I'm going to update about the Kracie products soft launch with The Butterfly Project.
The event was held during Halloween so The Butterfly Project had come out a kawaii dress code for the event.
As usual butterfly style, girly, pinkish and kawaii!!
I think I match the theme perfectly right? xD
 Christmas is coming soon but I'm hoping this time we can change it to a darker theme!! Can't wait for it! Btw, let's back to topic again. xP

Have you heard about Kracie before?
Kracie is a Japanese brand that produce various kind of hair care, skin care, body care products and others.
This time they have come out the Ichikami Hair Care Range and Hadabisei Skin Care.

The Ichikami Hair Care series is using the Japanese Botanical Essence that not only repair the existing hair damage but also prevent the future damage as well.

Ichikami Hair Care
Ichikami Smooth Care Line
One of the main ingredient of Ichikami smooth care line is the 'red rice extract'.
It smooth out the hair and prevent any friction. Thus, we can comb our hair easily without hurting it.

Ichikami Moist Care Line
The tea flower extract helps to moisture the scalp.
The Moist care line also protect your hair from UV damage with highly moisturize effect.

Ichikami Special Care and Styling Line

What I love about Ichikami hair care products is always the caring packaging and the scent of the shampoo. Besides that, it really gives a smoothing effect for my hair. I can feel the softness and smoothness f it.
The scent of the shampoo is light and fresh.
I really love the smell after I washed my hair ❤ 

Hadabisei Skin Care
Wide variety of Hadabisei masks for different skin concern.

I'm really glad to attend this event.
Not forget to thanks to The Butterfly Project who organize such a cute Halloween event instead of seeing vampire everywhere xDD

You can get all the products at majority of Aeon Wellness.
Shop for your pretty hair now :D

That's all ❤

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