[Food] Chocolate Heaven

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Today is all about chocolate.
That are many things can made me happy, food, money, friends and family.
But, when I'm moody or being sad on something; dessert is always the only food that made my day.
My all time favorite dessert is always with chocolate.

Salon Du Chocolat @Publika

Wanna try it for so long but I always missed it.
and now finally
Salon Wrap
I can't really remember the price of this dessert, I think is around RM15 - 25. 
If I'm not mistaken.
It is a crepe stuffed with strawberries and rice crisp. 
Soft on the surface and crispy enough inside the crepe.
I love how it match it with strawberries that bring out some sour taste to avoid the sweetness overload xD

Brownie In a Cup - RM 12
under stuffs in a cup' category.
I found out this is cute and the portion is quite small.
So I decided to try this instead of those large portion than I can't finish it at all.
the brownie definitely taste good! 
Warm enough and dip with the chocolate sauce.
Sooooo Yummm!!

Due to the portion,
I just manage to try this 2 types with the boyfie.
Next stop is at

Mad About Coco @Publika

Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball - RM 20
The signature of Mad About Coco.
Tiramisu surrounded with a football shape of belgian white and dark chocolate.
It definitely caught my eyes when it melted down by the hot chocolate sauce!

The name is something related with Cookies Monster.
So sorry that I forgot the name again TT
Price is close to RM 20 if I not mistaken.
Crepe that stuffed with cookies crisp and strawberries, serve with 2 pcs pf oreo biscuit and vanila ice cream.
I just somehow in love with the amount of the chocolate sauce!
 That's not too much for me!
So that I won't just have the taste of sweet instead of the crepe.

Chocolate Goodies in a Pot - RM 16
My all time favorite molten cake.
Served warm and top with vanila ice cream.
The chocolate sauce inside it was ssooooo attractive.

I need to have more stomachs for all of these TT

Fatty me still looking happy with desserts ~~~~

Btw, that's all for today.
See you all on my next post.

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  1. Look so delicious!
    I really love chocolate.♥

  2. The Chocolate Goodies in a Pot looks cute and nice!!

  3. i like ch0colate...happy reading..keep visit my bl0g..