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Finally back to my bloggie.
Recently I don't have time to open my laptop, because I'm going gym everyday.
But still considering to sign package or not.
I'm worry that I will become super busy during my assignment submission time and exam month.
Then, to sign or not to sign? Become a question. Loll

Btw, today I'm going to introduce you all the Black Coni Mask.
It become one of my daily skin care routine now, due to it's convenient and easy to apply.
This is different than usual mask I applied before.
It is a jelly mask and come in black color.
Normally, I prefer paper mask rather than jelly mask because I think after I put it on my face I can straight away throw it.
But this jelly mask change my mind.

Black Coni Mask 20ml
The texture of it is so smooth and soft.
Especially during this hot weather, I place it in fringe and when I need to use it I just take out from fringe and apply on my face.
I just love the feeling to refreshing.

Black Coni Jelly Mask
  • Added black diamond charcoal, rich in whitening and moisturizing nutrients, regulate excessive oil.
  • Black Rose essence provides sufficient energy to skin cells, enhancing brightening and anti-oxidant ability, with comprehensive whitening effect.
  • Particularly well suited to blemished complexions which require deep cleansing.
  • Remove melanin from the inside out and exfoliate. Restores skin’s vitality and elasticity, rejuvenates & brightens dull skin.
  • Skin feels fresh, elastic and bright and no longer oily!

Apply suitable amount on you skin.
Wait for 30 minutes.
Then it's time to reveal your fresh skin!

One more selfie with flash. Haha.

My skin is so fresh now!!
After I washed it, my skin still contain a light smell of the black rose essence.
It is not heavy as those fragrance.
My skin doesn't look oily at all.
I can have a good sleep at night!

One last thing before I end this post!
Not forget to mention "CHOCKYCHOK" to get your 15% rebate!
Happy Shopping!!!

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