[Review] Skin Doctors Eyetuck

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Nowadays, all the youngsters including myself are mostly used to night life.
We said, the night still young and party like no tomorrow.
We don't sleep, but we nap.
We don't eat breakfast but brunch.
We study at midnight instead of morning because night is always the best moment for us to memorize our slides.

You can obviously find out the "characteristic" of nightlife on our face.
Yes, it is the most annoying things that make my eyes look puffy on the next day.
Affect my whole makeup look, I can't apply light color eye shadow due to it's puffiness.

But now I don't need to worry about it.
Skin Doctors had come out Eyetuck that include 'Eyeseryl', which is a tetrapeptide that helps painlessly reduce the appearance of eye bag in the comfort of your own home.

Eyetuck is a complete under eye, care formula that combines cutting edge eyebag technology with natural skin conditioner.

The texture of Eyetuck just like our hair conditioner.
But it is lighter than it and make our skin soft after applied it.

It helps to moisture the eye area and enhance the skin elasticity.
It also helps to smooth out the skin around eye area and decrease the appearance of puffy under eye bag!

Let's be a youngster without eye bag with Skin Doctor's Eyetuck!

Get yours now at the nearest SaSa Store.

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