What is in the 'Pandora Box' ? #SaintSeyaOnlineMy

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Saturday is always a good day.
I was having a dessert date at publika with my girls on last Saturday.
We chit chat alot and talk about our favorite manga series! #SaintSeya
I believe that Japanese manga fans will know what is Saint Seya once I tell the name!
I love manga series and I will not only watch romantic manga.
Sometimes, I also watch those cute manga series or even fighting one!
I love how the characters in those manga series try all of their abilities to remain the peace of the world!
This is how I spent my high school life :p
Then, we bumped into the 2 guys that cosplaying the characters from Saint Seya!

They are walking around the mall and distributing flyers to people who curious about them!
Have you spotted them at other shopping mall?

Lucky us and not forget to request a photo with them!

I was wondering what is inside the mystery box so call "pandora box".
They said it was not a right time to review yet.

But I know the box is containing some mystery superpowers!
Just like what we watch in Japan manga series!

With all of these mystery acts, I can smell something big is coming soon!
Wish to know more? Stay tuned for my blog!

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