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It was a casual day with the bf.
After movie, we decided to have our dinner.
We passed by Ichikiri @The Gardens.
Found out we never try it before since the restaurant was opened.
It was quite awhile ady since this restaurant open.
Finally manage to try it. hehe

I'm actually quite surprise they served side dishes before our order came.
With quite big portion of shredded cabbage.

The shredded cabbage is to match with the fried pork cutlet aka Tonkatsu.
The cabbage is tasty and refreshing.

Their side dishes was served in warm.
Unlike Korean cuisine served cold.
This is the only one thing I don't really like in korean cuisine.
I just like to eat everything hot!!

Ichikiri is popular with their breaded fried pork cutlet.
Almost all the sets in the menu include the fried pork cutlet.
I'm a happy kid again because I'm just a pork lover!!

Salmon Teriyaki & Kuro Buta Tankatsu Gozen - RM 38.00

Seriously, I'm not a girl who have small appetite and feel full with only a bowl of rice.
But, I still can't finish this whole set of gozen omg...
The portion is really large.

The tender and flavorful pork meat come with goldenish color.
Crispy surface that surrounded by bread crumbs!
The color is just so attractive~~~

Every table at Ichikiri have a bottle of Tonkatsu sauce.
This set come with sesame and you need to mix it with the tonkatsu sauce then dip it with the pork cutlet.
But, the waiter was helping us to do this step.
So we just enjoy the procedure he make this sauce and EAT. haha

Their salmon taste good also.
Fresh salmon pair with teriyaki sauce.
It is always my kind of favorite.

Mini Sukiyaki & Tonkatsu Set - RM 32.00

The mini sukiyaki come with different kind of mushrooms, tofu, vegetables and pork slices.
The soup is clear and smooth.

It match really well with the ingredients and taste really good!

This sukiyaki set also come with a piece of Tonkatsu.
How can we not feeling full?
Even my boyfriend also can't finish it.

Btw, if you are a japanse cuisine and pork meat lover you should definitely give it a try.
Prepare with your empty stomach before going in :P

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant
F237B, 1st Floor, 
Isetan Wing, The Gardens, 
Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2284-0688

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  1. omg all the food looks so good! Big salmon lover here! haha. Gonna try this one day :D

    xx Mandy

  2. You really make me feel like trying the salmon teriyaki set!! Temptations!