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[Review] YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit

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Hello loveliesss~~~
I'm here to introduce something good to our skin and in a super low rate.
It's YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit by Natta Cosme.

Now, let's have a look for their super cute packaging!!
Girls always can't resist to the packaging, we some more purchase it due to the packaging.
This show how important it is. haha
FYI, this brand is from Thailand and come with reasonable price.
The whole set including, milk salt, hair spa, body lotion and so on to pamper yourself while staying at home!! I'm planning to bring this whole set of products to my penang trip xPPP

Let's Get Start with the Steps of pampering:

Step 1
1. YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich
  • A unique blended treatment with triple benefits from Milk Protein, Coconut Oil, and Argan Oil that to boost up beauty shine hair.
  • With soft aroma scent that make you feel like you are doing hair spa.
  • After shampoo, apply Yoko Hair Spa Milky Rich throughout your hair especially at the end.
  • Cover your hair with warm and wet towel for about 10 minutes.
  • Then, rinse off.
Price & Size
RM 42.00 / 200ml

This product is really moisturize.
You can clearly see the it on my hand.
I love how it moisturize my hair with just only 10 minutes instead of those half an hour hair treatment.
It help to save my time and cost too.
I just so excited to have this product at a cheap rate :D

Step 2
2. YOKO Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath
  • Helps to exfoliate and provide nourishing to the skin.
  • Vitamin E, Milk Protein with natural salt benefits.
  • Remove dirt deposit and dead skin cells from our body and give you a new radiant skin after shower.
  • Pour gentle amount of Yoko Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath on your hand.
  • Gently rub it in circular motion on your wet skin.
  • Leave it on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse off with clean water.

Price & Size
RM 20.00 / 250g

The bath salt is come with light yellow color and milky scent.
Just like the smell of baby.
I think I can sleep well after using this product due to the comfortable smell that make me feel sleepy.

Well packaged with aluminium paper.
 This packaging able to avoid product leaking out from the container.
But I don't really like it, because it was so difficult for me to tear it :/
I'm a bit sad due to the product became dirty after I teared off the paper T___T

Step 3
3. YOKO Milky Body Lotion
  • Non greasy formula body lotion enriches with Milk Protein and Vitamin B3 for nourishing and moisturizing your skin.
  • The Vitamin E and Licorice extract give your sin a smoother, lighter, more supple and healthier looking.

  • Apply it everyday morning after bath. Smooth Yoko Milky Body Lotion onto your skin and massage gently until it is well absorbed.

Price & Size
RM 35.00 / 400ml

My favorite packaging, haha
The texture of the lotion is so light and smooth.
I feel my skin so smooth after applied and my body was full of milky smelllllllll~~~~~~~

Seriously, the moisture level of this set of products is out of my expected.
I was like feeding my skin to drink water after I applied it!!
Look at this 'watery' lotion.

Step 4
4. YOKO Body Butter Cream Milk Protein
  • Rich cream but fast absorbing texture that blended with Milk Protein.
  • Retain skin moisture to combat wrinkles, brighten your skin and improve your skin condition for softer and smoother.
  • Milk Protein, Aloe Vera Extract. Chamomile Extract

  • Apply Yoko Body Butter Cream Milk Protein during night before sleep all over your body and massage gently until it absorbed.
Price & Size
RM 30.00 / 200g

Sorry for my bad tear off skill.
The internal is ugly now TT
But it still can't affect the result on my skin.

The smooth and soft texture make me feel really comfortable while I'm applying it.
Besides that, it is not sticky at all.
It is light and easy to absorb for my skin.
I'm so happy for this Milky Butter Body Cream :DD

This set of product is suitable for all skin types.
Even dry skin also can use it!
What are you waiting for??

Here is a discount code for my readers again!!!!
Simply key in
upon checkout to enjoy 10% discount!!

Where can find?

Product Page:

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