Moonlight Cake House @Sri Petaling

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Recently there were many restaurants and cafes opening at Sri Petaling.
I was so excited and worry.
Excited because I can have so many nice and attractive foods nearby my uni.
Worry because I scare I spend mostly of my money at foods and become more chubby T__T
But I still can't control myself from those lovely foods!

Moonlight Cake House is one of the popular brunch even a dinner spot.
Their main branch is located at Johor.
So happy to see such a great cake shop open at Sri Petaling x)

Different flavor of cakes

They even sell chocolate :O

Tarts is always my favorite <3 br="">
Haven't got chance to try their pastry yet.
Those tiny pieces of pastries always caught my eyes.
Next high tea station, anyone?

So far I went second times ady.
But is during brunch time.
Our stomach cannot fit in any pastry anymore.
That's why we said next time.

First visit with the college mates.

Honey BBQ Grilled Chicken Chop with Rice - RM 11.90
The portion looks really small when it was served.
But fact is, we can't "look down" the external look of a food.
My friend was full.
The BBQ chicken is nice.
Typical Asian taste.
Typical our taste.

Homemade Mushroom Soup - RM 9.90
At first we were worrying the soup was too thick.
Just like sauce.
But it didn't disappoint us, it was not that thick as sauce but it still consider as a little bit stodgy.
Served with warm garlic bread.
The chopped mushroom improve the taste of the soup too.

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta - RM 15.90
The taste was really Japanese.
I bet you can feel it once you put it in your mouth.
Like a western style spaghetti served in an Asian way.
It taste like a normal teriyaki chicken with spaghetti.

Sliced Duck Noodle Soup - RM 13.90
Healthy kind of feeling.
I like the mushroom ad sliced duck.

Grilled Chicken Chop w/ America Cheesy - RM 19.90
Personally love this chicken chop.
The cheesy sauce is really nice.
The mash potato was served under the chicken chop and match with their black pepper sauce.
So Yummy!

Cheesy Tortilla Wrap - RM16++
Sorry to tell that I forget the price of it again.
I think is around 16 something.
At first I was not attempt to try it because I thought the portion served will be too small for me.
But I saw other customers who ordered this.
Then, it made me quickly change and confirm my decision. haha
The portion is quite big, but won't be too much.
I need to finish it to let my stomach feel full.
It served with beef bacon and chicken sausage.
The cheesy sauce is really a great point.
No matter it pair with chicken chop or tortilla, it still give me a really good impression as a sauce.
haha xP

Scallop with Capelin Roe - RM 12.90

Not not not forget to order their scallop!
It is huge!
I just love how the Capelin Roe popping in my mouth with the combination of fresh scallop.

Hot Chocolate - RM 11?
Forget the price again, not sure is 12 or 11.
Warm and light chocolate flavor.
Consider as normal, I prefer hot chocolate with thick  chocolate taste but not over sweet.

Lastly, end with my typical face xD

This cake house definitely worth for second visit.
The menu provide main course to desserts with quality taste to satisfy their customer.
It definitely will be my often visit spot whenever I'm having break during my class :D

Moonlight Cake House
Address: 1-G, Jalan Radin Bagus 9,
               Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
               57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No.: 016-7331 222

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  1. their cakes are so adorable! =D but i think they really like to line with cheese and mayo on top of the food! lol

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  2. The scallop looks nice weii

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