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Thx to Jen for the invitation.
I was one of the blogger to join the food review at Nooks by Baker Dave.
It was located at Sri Hartamas @Plaza Damas 3.
The location was pretty easy to find, you can spot it once you step out from lift.

Nooks by Baker Dave was start up as home bakery with their famous customized cakes.
 Now, they finally open a restaurant which serve breakfast, lunch, cakes, pastries and so on.

Main Dishes

 Nooks Duo - RM 13.90
2 soft buns with different fillings.
Scramble eggs, Tuna and cucumber.
Not forget to mention all of the buns and breads were homemade by Nooks.
They are not serving outside bread and promise to serve fresh homemade bread everyday :D
The bun is good, crunchy and soft at the same time with nice smell of sesame.
Mix with the scramble eggs and tuna fillings, a must order for breakfast.

Nooks Breakfast - RM 14.90
Freshly serve with chicken sausage, egg roll with turkey ham and cheese and 1 slice of toast with butter and jam.
Their bread will change accordingly since it is all homemade.
This fresh bread I tried is multi seed bread.
I'm a bread lover, I just can't forget the taste of their bread.
Apply with butter to enhance the taste of the bread.
Crunchy side and fluffy fill.

Sesame Chicken - RM 16.90
If you are a vegetarian?
No worries, Nooks provide vegetarian foods too!
Sesame Chicken pasta was made by vegetarian ingredients.
The chicken was taste like the real one!
The sauce was an added point too, roasted sesame sauce.
I don't even know roasted sesame sauce can be use for pasta :P
I should cook more!

Spicy Carbonara - RM 16.90
Spicy cream sauce with turkey ham or chicken ham and shiitake mushroom topped with cheese and freshly cracked egg yolk.
I found out Nooks likes to serve spicy food.
But this carbonara is not spicy at all compare to their rendang chicken.

Rendang Chicken with Rice - RM 14.90
Spicy level is definitely up for people who can't stand for it.
But I'm a spicy people, so it was kinda delicious for me.
Their rendang chicken gave an obvious spiciness feels on your tongue when you first bite on it.
The rendang curry is not only spicy, but taste authentic as well.
Definitely my type of rendang <3 p="">

Nooks Pumpkin Chicken Curry with Rice - RM 14.90
This is the most recommended dish by Nooks.
Yes, pumpkin!
They use pumpkin as an ingredient to make a curry.
I think in their menu's most spicy dish is rendang chicken.
The pumpkin curry was taste a little sweet and spicy.

Nooks Signature Burger - RM 14.90
Homemade chicken patty with barbeque sauce, cheedar cheese and tomatoes on homemade wholemeal burger bun serve with french fries.


Ultimate Chocolate - RM 10.90
Triple layers of dark chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge and chocolate cake.
I'm not sure is there any coffee ingredient in it.
It had a heavy coffee taste like tiramisu.

Mango Cheesecake - RM 9.90
Creamy cheese with Belgium mango pure.
Nice combination with mango.
The cheese wasn't too much and make people feel to try second bite. 


Ice Honey Lime Juice
I forgot the price.
But it was really on time for my cough T__T
Feeling that my throat was refreshed by it.

Cucumber and Carrot with Honey Mustard Sauce
This was he special of the day which is not in the menu.
They served it as appetizer for us.
I'm falling in love with the mustard sauce.
Feeling healthy with this kind of eating habit.  

Nooks byBakerDave
Address: C-00-06, Plaza Damas 3, 
          Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 
                     Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: 03-6211 7686 / 012-303 868

Btw, that's all for my review post.
Finally did did a "comeback" post after so long.
Promise to update more, ok?

See you on my next post ;D

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  1. Omok........ Ultimate Chocolate looks so nice to eatttt. I sit sweet?

  2. zomok u ate so much of food but still so skinny de :p