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I think it's been a long long time for me to type a post for my blog.
People tend to lost their direction when they achieve their 'responsible' in life.
Of course, not everyone living like this. But I'm the one who lost direction once I graduated from my Uni.
I rush assignments, rush for final year project, rush for exam and finally I attend my graduation convo. I know that's not the end.
But I'm just lost.

So I just indulge myself.
Travelling, playing, relaxing, chilling, eating and conclusion is spending.
After I decided to dump my laziness then I started to look for a job since I can't just spend without earning.

I'm glad that now I'm able to settle down and think about should I just give up my blog since I never blog for almost one and a half year.
But, my blog is just all about my life.
I watch myself growth from one achievement to another through this blog.
I just need to get back my passion toward my blog, the satisfaction when I finished a blog post.

Now, I'm back.
I'm not sure whether people still remember me, but I just miss my long lost blogger friends.
Missing the time we out for tea time, dinner & chit-chatting about everything.

Promise will be there for my blog.
and never give up from where I start.


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