[Food] Perfume Dance 跳舞香水 @ IOI City Mall Putrajaya

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I was excited when I heard about the news of perfume dance will be open soon at Malaysia!
I can still remember the deliciousness of their foods during my Taiwan trip.
I miss it so much even though I'm back to Malaysia.

Finally, they were opened at Malaysia to solve my crave!
Then, I decided to bring the bf go.

My favorite among their menu is the classic thick toast.
Besides desserts, they served awesome hot cook food too!
This is the memory that I remember when I tried at Taiwan's Perfume Dance outlet.

Now, let's see how the Malaysia version Perfume Dance taste!

To be honest, I had really high expectation toward their foods.
I expect it have the exactly same taste as Taiwan.

But I'm just really wanna say I'm totally disappointed.
Imagine you go with an excited face with awesome food but it taste like ...........
So sorry that my first blog post since awhile contain about something negative.
But I'm here to clarify every people have different taste and style toward food.
What I wrote here is just my personal experience.

Linguine with Fresh Clams & Garlic - RM 18.90

This is what I ordered when I first try at Taiwan.
Firstly, I need to mention that the linguine is OVERCOOKED.
Yes, it is super duper mushy. I just hate the taste.
Next, it suppose to have sauce instead of "soup".
An olive oil with garlic or a touch of red pepper sauce for a perfect taste.
But what I saw is a 'soup', mixed all the ingredients in order to serve it. 
Sorry for my lengthy comments about it, you should know the more expectation the more disappointment.
The only place that let me vent it out is here, my blog.

What is this?
It should be without sauce, just only olive oil and the delicate taste of garlic.
Which is not present like a soup as above, it messed up taste of the clams, cherry tomato and I can't even taste any garlic from that dish.

Look at the exactly same dish.
This is what I had in Taiwan. Gosh. I miss it.
First the color is different, ok, it might be cause by the lighting.
Next, is the texture of linguine. It is chewy!
It cooked perfectly and it don't have the watery "soup" like we had here in Malaysia T__T
I'm really upset about it.

Squid Ink Spaghetti with Calamari - RM18.90

I never try this at Perfume Dance and this is my first try.
Guess what?
My boyfriend told me it had the exact same taste with the linguine.
I don't believe it until I give it a try.
The only comment for the spaghetti and linguine is overcook, overcook and overcook.
mushy, mushy and mushy.
At least I had tried squid ink spaghetti at Franco.
It shouldn't be so much "sauce", ok, I don't even know it's a sauce or soup.
Even it have, it should be in a condense texture that contain rich flavor of all the ingredients added.
But it didn't. This is worst than the linguine I mentioned above.

Lastly, come to the dessert.

Classic Vanilla - RM16.90

At least, their dessert still remain the same.
Perfect as Taiwan while my boyfriend said it lack of something.
I'm not sure what's wrong.
But for me it's totally same.
Crumbly as always.
Their vanilla dripping and ice-cream never fail to surprise me.
I had no vent about it.

Perfume Dance Cafe Malaysia
Operation Hours: 10am - 10pm
Contact: 012-256 7676
Address: L1 35&36 IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Malaysia

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