[Travel] Knock-off My First Trip to Korea

1:34 AM chocky 0 Comments

It's been awhile since I update again.
Cause I just went back from Korea.
I'm still feeling unbelievable for making this trip happened.
It's just a sudden plan or a "crave".
The biggest reason is Korea is one of my dreamland.
6 days for me is definitely not enough.
I believe that I will be back, soon.

Their food is delicious, for me.
If you're not fancy any korean food, you will feel difficult at there.
But at least, there were still many nice and special cafes for you to try out.
Besides, Korean is not polite as I thought 😭
Personally think that Taiwanese did alot better at greeting and serving people.
I think it might be the reason of languages.

Will do a detail blog post about my Korea trip very soon.
There were too many poctires that I need to arrange 😭

Will be back soon!

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