[Travel] Myeong Dong Food Post // 明洞小食篇

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One of the important part in travel, I would say is FOOD
Although we didn't manage to try all the snacks in myeong dong street.
But I still manage to arrange some snacks pictures during the food hunting in myeong dong.

Due to we weren't familiar to myeong dong street, we found all the way were same and the same food stalls was keep repeating in different intersection road in myeong dong T___T
Was trying my best to choose the best pictures during the trip.
Because the goal of the trip is not visiting but shopping ;P
The first snack we saw at the entrance was the giant scallop.
I dono what is it's name.
So I named it as giant scallop since it was really huge and we manage to share it within three of us.
The cheese and the texture of the scallop is no kidding.
It was perfectly grilled with the touch of cheese!! I'm starting to miss it T__T
I personally think that the snacks of Korea cost higher than usual.
As for this scallop is cost us KWD 9000, if I not mistaken.
I think convert it back to MYR was like RM27++?

Again, I forgot what is it's name.
We picked the chocolate filling.
It was something like dorayaki in fish shape.
But the sad thing is the chocolate filling was so little.
After few bites I only got to taste the chocolate filling :(

Ok, don't know the name.
We just picked whatever we liked and put it into our mouth. haha.
The price for snacks in myeong dong is at the average of RM10++ - RM27++ for each.
For me, it was consider high.
In the picture was egg, egusi seeds, sesame and some other filling stuffed in one I don't know to call it as dorayaki based or some flour shape cup. (Although it not even look like a cup. loll)

If you did some research about myeong dong, then you will know this is the famous supper shop.
Two Two Fried Chicken
Ok, we both became the fan of it.
It combine softness and crispy texture with the light touch of it's own sauce.
Most importantly it is fresh from the pot!!!
KWD 17,000 for original flavor.

Another popular place in myeong dong.
Isaac Toast
It was our everyday breakfast, because it was nearby our hostel and just few miutes walk.
Every morning we were so hungry and don't know what to eat.
Issac toast became our choice.
It deserve the popular frame.
Even the toast itself without any filling was so fluffy and soft.
We ordered Ham Special & Bacon and Cheese Bagel.
First dish when we wake up in the morning, I would said it was super delicious.
I think it's not the filling that make it tasty but the toast!
The texture of the toast!!! Filling is just some "decoration" for it.
As a flour food lover, it's definitely my type of toast!

I'm not sure why I saw this at myeong dong. I thought it is Japan's signature.
Decided to try it since I'm a mochi fan. haha.
Strawberry Daifukumochi

Small round mochi stuffed with red bean paste and strawberry!!!
Sour and sweet combination is always the best !!!!!!
I thought their strawberry will be as sour as I always eat at Malaysia.
But I was wrong.
The strawberry taste sweet with slightly sour melted with mochi and red bean paste in my mouth.
We ate this for 2 days continuously.
Delicious or not? You know the answer right? x)

Grilled Tteokbokki with Milk Dripping
This taste normal and nothing special.
Just tteokbokki with sweet milk dripping.
I felt it was lack of something.
The tteokbokki was tasteless, if the milk dripping was not enough.
Then you will need to eat the tteokbokki without any taste.
Mandu, Spicy Fried Tteokbokki & Fish Cake
The favorite among all of the snacks above!!!
Especially the tteokbokki!!
Spicy, soft and the sauce is marinated into the tteokbokki, so my style!!!!
Unlike the usual tteokbokki I ate at Malaysia. Not spicy at all :(
I definitely prefer this!!

Lastly, the BBQ Meat Stick.
It is spicy.
Seriously, I forgot which flavor I choose. The spicy bomb or chili flavor?
But, it was damnnnnn spicy for me.
I can't stand the spiciness but my friends said it's not.
So it is depends on your type of spicy feeling.

*****BONUS TIME*****

鬼神猪脚 (麻浦区厅站) 

I can't find any english name for this restaurant.
So chinese name will do.
This restaurant is so popular for their pork shank.
I don't know what it call, I will name it pork shank. haha
Another taste that we can't forget.
Soft and soft!!
The fist bite just soooo soft.
I can't believe the pork will taste like it is melting in mouth.
Although it was quite fat, which is the part I hate to eat.
But I still manage to not picky with the fat part.
The feeling was like it is chewy but soft at the same time!!!
A must go restaurant!

Not forget to order their Seaweed Rice Ball Fishcake.
Best combination ever!!
Especially the fishcake T___T

Pictures can't tell how much I miss Korea and here comes to an end of this post.
Korea is one of my favorite country.
Hope to visit it again!!
Signing off now, Bye! xoxo

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