[Food] How We Spent Christmas Eve @ Le Pont Boulangerie (Old Klang Road)

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Never prepare a proper plan for our Christmas.
Decided a place for dinner a week ago, which is Le Pont @Sri Petaling.
I called for reservation but please don't do it like me, because they are not allow any reservation.
Since it's 24th of December, we know that it will be very very full house.
But still decided to try our luck and walk in to Sri Petaling outlet.
Unfortunately, it was Fulled and not allow for any waiting list.
But the problem is I spotted some customer did reservation and they rejected even though they ady arrived at the restaurant.
Leaved with disappointment and decided to change our dinner place to another Le Pont outlet which located at Old Klang Road.

Thank god it has many empty tables for us.
The service was really good at here compare to Sri Petaling.
The waiter arrange us at the corner and we definitely love the place, it was like having our own place with only 2 tables beside us. 

Since it's Christmas Eve, Christmas set is a must order x))
 Total 3 course with the price of RM55.57
 First start with the Borscht Soup
The light taste of tomato base soup with several veggies in it.
It definitely bring out my appetite to enjoy the entire Christmas meal.
 Appetizer: Snow Fish Carpaccio 
Never thought that raw fish could be that delicious.
Yes, I don't take raw meat.
Salmon or beef could be half cooked but no raw please.
But this definitely make wanna taste it again and again.
The special made apple sauce enhance the taste of fish carpaccio and cover the taste of raw.
It was just sweet and light with soft texture.
Perfect for appetizer. 
Main Course: Roasted Whole Spring Chicken
It was a mini one.
We decided to share our food, so we ordered this instead of the huge one.
The chicken contain stuffing in it.
The perfect made of sauce definitely let us keep eating non stop.
Even the veggies beside it was well cooked.
Take the veggie, cut the chicken with the stuff and dip with the sauce.
A perfect match.

Drinks: Gold Bauble
In order to look good in picture, this is our choice xD
Apple cider vinegar, never fail with it's sweet and sour taste.
We did a good decision for choosing this. hehe.
Salmon Putanesca RM31.90
Spaghetti with salmon, onion, garlic, black olive paste, basil, tomato sauce and topping of aragula.
The salmon was fresh and spaghetti was well cooked.
I kinda impress by the food I tasted for this visit.
I remember their food was quite awful during my first visit.
But I'm happy that they improved a lot which mean I got another place to chill!
Squid Ink Spaghetti with Soft Shell Crab RM38.90
The spaghetti didn't taste any different.
Just a black color spaghetti, but the soft shell crab is definitely yummy!!
Crispy enough with essence of crab meat.
Mixed with carbonara sauce is such a bomb!
Chicken Melts Burger RM25.90
Juicy chicken thigh with mixed salads, tomato, caramelised onion, cheese and spicy cod roe sauce in a lightly toasted charcoal bun. Served with a side of parmesan fries.
Le Pont Waffle RM14.90
I was so happy that their waffle serve with different dip and ice cream.
I can choose to dip with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and mixed barries marmalade.
It taste so good while having different flavoring on the waffle!
Mogambo RM10
Mixed of passion fruit and apple that refresh my stomach with so many heavy food xD
Chocolate Coulant RM22.90
Not forget to order a Chocolate Coulant as Yean's birthday cake.
Yes, her birthday is on 26th but I decided to had an advance birthday celebration with her xD
Happy Birthday!

And Merry Christmas at the same time!
2016 is gonna end!
What's your plan?

Le Pont Boulangerie (Old Klang Road)
6, Jalan 1/137C,
Bedford Business Park,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-7783 0900

Operation Hours:
Bakery: 8am - 12am daily
Cafe: Mon-Thurs: 11am - 12am
Fri: 11am - 2am
Sat: 8am - 2am
Sun & Public Holiday: 8am - 12am

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