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[Lifestyle] My 2016

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Time just won’t wait.
It’s true.
I just couldn’t believe I just spent another 364 days of my life.
And the today will be the last day in 2016.
Time flies.
When I look back to the 2394238871 pictures that I took,
then I only realized I had created so many memories with my love ones.
I don’t really do a summary of a year.
But I feeling to do it now.
The year everything changed.
It might be tiny and unrealizable, but it actually happened.
The changes still going on.
Let’s have a flash back of My 2016.

1.       Graduation
I think this is definitely my first achievement in 2016.
I wore gown and I graduated.
Yes, for like 4 years studying at college.
Rushing assignments with the team mates.
Preparing Final Year Project.
I’m done.
I know this is the first step of my life.
There’s still a long way to go.

2. Hair Color
Actually I'm not consider often changing my hair color.
I first try on blue during the starting of the year.
The color that I want at first is dark greyish blue.
But the color turn out so sharp and made me shocked.
Fortunately, the result looks good on me.
And make me feeling to stay with the color.
But since I'm working and know that it's not the best choice for work.
Then, I decided to changed it to dark purple.
Again, I'm not sure the quality of the color is that good.
Dark purple turns out so vivid and bright which made me shock again.
Loll. The best is all the color looking good after it faded.
After that I wanna try something blonde.
I choose ash grey and it faded become my current color.
I just fall in love with blondie T__T

3. Awesome Korea Trip with BFF
A sudden plan.
Actually not consider as sudden plan.
But 3 months before for us is quite sudden since the ticket was so expensive.
But most importantly is we could make it together. The trip was unforgettable.
<3 p="">Definitely will back to this beautiful country.

4. Cut My Fat

Yes, is fat not weight.
Because I found out no matter how hard I work to cut down my weight.
It's still remain at the same kg.
Even I manage to wear all the pants that I didn't manage to wear before.
I did it before we flying off to Korea.
Working so hard for that 2 months.
Cause I don't want to look ugly and fat in camera during my Korea trip.
Look at the picture above.
I just can't stand my stomach and round face!
This is how I look when I was at Korea.
I was so satisfy with the result.
Almost cried when I looking at those pictures.
The feeling of did something for myself.
Another achievement.
Hope that I could maintain this body figure T___T

5. Double Eyelid
Yes. Besides body fat, double eyelid is the best decision that I did.
Let me show you some before pictures.

This are all the results after I stick my double eyelid tape.
Yes. I did stick it on my eyelid.
Like everyday.
If this important procedure failed.
Then it will spoiled my entire makeup and also my mood!

Sorry if I scare your ass off.
This was the first day of my surgery done.
0 makeup with contact lens.
Please don't get lie for the first day result.
I swollen like pig during the next day. Loll.
But it was painless.
Seriously. To all the friends that scared me.
It was painless.
I'm serious. Loll.
I was so fuxking nervous when I was sleeping on the bed.
Until I keep scratching my hand and heart beating like it's gonna jump out from my body.
The anesthetic before the surgery saved me.
People keep told me is the pain came from the first anesthetic injection.
But I felt nothing. Maybe I'm weird. Lol.
And below are my current result.
I'm so happy with the result and I manage to try different types of makeup with double eyelid! 
Even heavy makeup also won't look like I let people punched for 10 times. 
Not swollen at all during heavy makeup!! 
It also saved alot of makeup time for me! I can wake up half hour late before work.
World became better when I could sleep more.

6. Relationship that hitting 7
Yes. It's gonna be another year.
We had spent 6 years together and 2017 will be the 7 years of our relationship.
Nothing is better than you are beside me and we work hard for our future.

Let's create another great memory for 2017 :)
Wish you all a Happy New Year.

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