[Event] Whoosh Latest Eyewear Collection x Miss Whoosh Glamorous Event

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What is Whoosh Eyewear?
It is actually a sister brand of Focus Point and they were successfully hosted the 1st annual Miss Glamorous event on the December.

What should we describe Whoosh?
"Fast. Fresh. Forward"
Whoosh eyewear aims to satisfy trendsetters who value style, quality, and professional advice on-the-go. Besides that, Whoosh offer 3 distinctive styles which are the TRENDY, URBAN and VINTAGE that come with wide range of fashionable frames.
Oh ya, not to mention that, it is all from Korea.
Not only that, Whoosh provide customers to collect their eyewear at shortest time which is 30 minutes through "Choose, Check and Collect" modus operandi.

Visit Whoosh Eyewear to find out your nearest Whoosh Eyewear store.
Be fashion and trendy now with Whoosh Eyewear ;)

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