[Food] Boyfriend's Birthday Celebration @Minu KL

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We can't stop time.
It's the 7th birthday I celebrate with this guy.
Our tradition is always simple, meet for a birthday dinner.

So this year I decided to bring him to Minu.
This restaurant was open within this few months.

It was in a Japanese fine dining concept.
But I personally think that it's kind of western and japanese fusion restaurant.
I love the design of their menu.
That's a la carte or 3 to 7 course meal to let you choose.
We decided to order 5 course meal each.
RM75 for total five course.
This price for a fine dining concept food is definitely soooooo worth.

Lime Octopus - RM18 (ala carte price)

Salmon Tartare - RM18 (ala carte price)
The salmon is fresh, even people who don't take raw food like me.
I'm also fall in love with this freshness and tasty salmon tartare.

Side Dish
Premium Seafood Chawanmushi - RM18 
It's premium, for real.
Scallop, fried prawn that catch my taste bud.
The egg was abit different from the usual chawanmushi I tried.
It taste abit like tofu, not the texture, is the taste.
Texture was same as the usual chawanmushi.
Btw, what I wanna mention is this is definitely a must try in Minu.

Teriyaki Beef Tacos - RM18
The sauce and the cheese is perfect match.
The beef is juicy enough pair with the crispy tacos is definitely my favorite.


Soft Shell Crab Goma Salad - RM18
I'm not a salad people, but still glad that I ordered this.
Soft shell crab is definitely must order!!!
Please order this salad even though you don't like salad!
This is different.
I became 60% full after I ate this huge soft shell crab.
The salad sauce enhance the entire taste of the salad, too yummy!!

Beef Carpaccio Rocket - RM18
This a dish that we enjoy the original taste of the beef with a touch of parmesan cheese.

Dobin Mushi - RM18
My favorite soup in Japanese Cuisine!!
The unique taste of the dobin mushi with the scent of several types of mushroom.
Remember to open the teapot and clear all the ingredients inside!!

 Unagi Carbonara Fettuccine - Regular RM35, Junior RM20

Scallop Tobiko Creamy Fettuccine - Regular RM35, Junior RM20

Lastly featured my handmade cake for the birthday boy.
First time, please forgive me.

Happy Birthday 💖💕

Phone: 03-2630 6728
Operation Hours: 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00

That's all for this post.
Wait for my next post ya :)

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