[Travel] Taiwan 9 Days 8 Nights // 台湾9天8夜 (The 1st Day 第一天)

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It was not consider a sudden trip.
But it's actually out of the plan for this year.
My bf and I bought the flight ticket due to the Matta fair.
I will try as much as possible to list out how much I had use for this trip.
But mostly in food.
We ate alot during this trip, I just can't control the hungriness of my stomach.
24 hours is just keep eat and eat.

可是这不算是穷游 所以也应该不可能RM3000两个人9天8夜

Itinerary // 行程
1st Day 第一天:
Tao Yuan International Airport 桃园机场 >> TaiChung 台中 >> Check In 入住民宿 >> FengJia Night Market 逢甲夜市 >> Tunghai University (Luce Memorial Chapel) 东海大学 (路思义教堂)

2nd Day 第二天:
Toast House Brunch 多士号 >> ZhongShe Flower Market 中社花海 >> The Monster Village 妖怪村 >> Miyahara 宫原眼科 >>

3rd Day 第三天: 
RuiFang Station 瑞芳火车站 >> Check In 入住爱的物语 >> JiuFen Old Street 九份老街

4th Day 第四天:
RuiFang Station 瑞芳火车站 (Luggage Deposit 寄放行李) >> PingXi Old Street 平溪老街 >> Check In 入住民宿筑玥温泉会馆 >> JiaoXi Old Street 礁溪老街 >> Hot Spring 泡温泉

5th Day 第五天:
Wang Long Pi 望龙碑 >> Take Bus to Tapei 礁溪客运 >> Taipei 台北 >> Meat Up Burger (Ximending) 西门町 >> Raohe Night Market 饶河夜市

6th Day 第六天:
Pomelo 西门町柚子早餐屋>> Lin Family Mansion and Garden 林本源园 >> Isabella House 伊莎贝拉 白沙湾 >> Vegetejiya 菜豚屋 林森店

7th Day 第七天:
瑞麟美而美早餐店 (I had no idea about what's their english name) >> YangMingShan Flower Clock 阳明山花钟 >> VVG Hideaway 好样秘境 >> WenDing Hotpot 问鼎麻辣锅

8th Day 第八天:
Guru House 西门店 >> Bopiliao Historical Block 剥皮寮老街 >> Yellow Lemon 下午茶 >> Boka 南京三民站 >> RaoHe Night Market 饶河夜市

9th Day 第九天:
Gudetama Chef 蛋黄哥 >> TaoYuan International Airport 桃园机场 >> Kuala Lumpur

1st Day 第一天

During the first day we only went to FengJia Night Market for food.
Because our flight was landed at TaoYuan International Airport.
We reach airport almost 3.45pm (after collecting luggage purchase simcard and stuff) by taking 10am flight.
We purchase bus ticket from their bus station and thank god they got a schedule at 3:55pm.
Just go to the lower ground floor and you will spot those various stations.

在第一天的时候 我们只去了逢甲 住宿也在那里
买了客运票直达台中朝马战再转搭公车 至于到哪一站 忘了 呵呵
再上网搜一搜 肯定很多答案
Reach FengJia at almost 7pm.
Thn we check in to 台中逢甲住宿-Tokyo Double Room @Fengjia
I'm quite recommend it. It is clean, big and it provide almost all the stuff we need.
Just like a hotel. The price is really affordable and location is quite near to FengJia.
RM119 x 2 Nights

这个民宿真的蛮推荐的 很宽敞和干净
设备很齐全 必需品都会在里面
甚至还有电脑 可是我没有用
也没必要 呵呵
video video
Please forgive me, I really don't know how to upload video in a proper format.
Just leave it in small screen, full screen's quality will make you vomit.
我真的不会处理影片 在小屏幕看就好
如果你能忍受全屏的渣画质的话 不介意你开全屏

Porky Box 猪宝盒 

Cheese Chicken 逢甲鸡排仁 

Sweet Potato Ball 地瓜球 

French Fries Tofu 臭薯条 


Cheese Potato 一家之薯 



Bonus 额外: Random Mee Store 随意路过的面档 

Tunghai University (Luce Memorial Chapel) 东海大学 (路思义教堂)

I had inserted some star rating beside each food.
This is all form my personal preference, My taste might be different with you.
Overall the most satisfied was the porky box!
I never thought that it could be so delicious!
Remember that's a MUST TRY!
The random mee store just caught my heart.
I forgot it's name and where is it. Because it was randomly selected by us after visiting the chapel,
Yes, we hungry again after we had our dinner at FengJia.
Because the university is open 24hours, so we decided to visit it after dinner.
We were so hungry when we reach our stay, the mee is the choice. Best random choice ever.

我在每道食物旁边都打了星星 根据个人喜好哦
猪宝盒绝对是必吃 不吃不行
那个酱汁是重点!猪扒炸得外酥内软 搭配着老板特调的酱汁!

Ok, that's all for my first day post..
I'm so regret for doing this post at midnight.
I'm so freaking hungry right now!
Gonna hit the sack!

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